VIDEO: The South African ‘fainting’ dance craze taking Africa by storm


Limpopo-born music sensation and DJ King Monada, first hit the music scene with his hit summer jam ‘Ska Bhora Moreki‘. The song, which speaks about respecting the person who funds one’s party lifestyle, was the ultimate summer jam for 2016 and it set social media on fire.

Monada is known for incorporating proudly SePedi lyrics into his dancehall mixed with house music beats. His catchy lyrics and pulsing beats are known to get people dancing all through the summer and his new summer jam ‘Malwedhe‘ is no different. The song speaks about relationships and infidelity and once again social media users in South Africa have joined the #idibala challenge which was made famous by the song’s lyrics. The chorus says “ken ale bolwetje bago idibala” which can be translated as “I have an illness that causes me to collapse”. This weird craze has people pretending to pass out as they dance to the song and it is sure to set dance floors alight during the upcoming festive season.

Listen to the song and check out the #IdibalaChallenge phenomenon:

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