Syd is back at it again with a new EP : ‘Always Never Home’


Fans of The Internet are still waiting for the continuation of ‘Ego Death’, their last (and rather excellent) album released in 2015. Although it has been two years since their last release, fans have been largely rewarded by all these solo projects that have occurred within the group. Steve Lacy, Matt Martians and Kintaro all shared their own albums or EP’s this year. The same goes for Syd, who came out with a release earlier this year at the end of January. She now returns with a new 3-track EP called ‘Always Never Home’.

The short formatting of the song accompanied with electronic and RnB rhythms is typical of Syd’s general sound. Check the tracklist with ‘Moving Mountains‘, ‘On the Road‘ and Bad Dreams / No Looking Back’  below. Songs that Syd had revealed at the end of August.

Stream the EP ‘Always Never Home’ on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer,

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