Jazz meets gqom in the sizzling new video by DJ Lag and Moses Boyd: ‘Drumming’


The self-proclaimed king of gqom and international pantsula DJ Lag recently collaborated with UK-based jazz musician Moses Boyd for their highly acclaimed song ‘Drumming‘. Dj Lag, who is known for his killer gqom beats on tracks like ‘Umshudo’ and ‘Jika‘, is a South African gqom Dj whose music seems to transcend genres. Moses Boyd is a prodigy of the new London jazz scene and has slowly made waves with songs like ‘After Tomorrow‘ and ‘The Balance‘.

The two artists came together to create a thought-provoking and deeply thoughtful body of work in ‘Drumming‘. The song which is elevated by a heavy and repetitive drum beat and it has a powerful energy that will send listeners into a trance. The song depicts the versatile and heavily influential nature of gqom as a genre and mirrors the ability that jazz has to transform and evolve. Dj Lag and Moses Boyd have created a musical line of symmetry where South Africa meets London and they chose acclaimed director Chris Saunders to bring the song to life in the iconic and super visual video.

Look below:

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